Academic Writing

Here, I include the essays and research I have done in the University Scholars Programme (USP).


Mathematics and Reality (UNL2210)

Spaghetti Universe Hypothesis (2017)

Saving the Unobservable Phenomena (2017)


Language, Cognition, and Culture (UHB2207)

Bilingual Twins: The Similarity between Oriya and English (2017)

Conceptual Metaphor Theory and Bilinguals (2017)

Language Switching Practices of 3 Penang Multilinguals (2017)


Issues In and Around Justice (UWC2101Y)

Can a person be immoral while holding moral beliefs? (2016)


War and Democracy (UQF2101H)

What you trade matters | Summary (2016)

Trade Blocs, Trade Flows, and International Conflict | Summary (2016)

Peace through Trade? Or Free Trade? | Summary (2016)